My Favorite Natural Remedies to Deal With My MS Symptoms

In 2006 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which
caused me to drop out of school. It took me months to find a medication and
fight with the companies to cover the 3,000 a month for my interferon. After a
few months they stopped sending my medication and when I called I was told
there was a recall on it and they had to switch me to something else. My new
injections caused me terrible pain to the point where I couldn’t sleep. However
my doctor refused to switch me and told me to just take Tylenol to relieve the
pain. After almost a year of this I had had it. I started looking into
alternative medicine and researching my illness. There is so much out there
that my doctor never even told me about even after I asked about more natural
remedies that wouldn’t kill my body and leave me unable to function at
work.  Here are some of the things I
found that worked great for me.
Bilberry leaves and berries- You
can find these in tea, pills, or certain areas as fresh fruit. When I lived in
the south I loved to eat them, now I have to settle for the pills, which you
can find at any health foods store or online. These berries are rich in
anti-oxidants and helped a lot with the inflammation the interferon was causing
on my joints. My personal favorite is natures answer, which you can find for
about $15.00 USD
Dandelions – This plant was a huge
energy booster for me. My biggest problem with MS was tremors and fatigue
(especially in the summer time.) Dandelion tea is wonderful and very refreshing
during those hotter days. My favorite is the Yogi brand tea which you can find
for about $6.00 USD
DHA- DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid
that can normally be found in fish. (if you don’t like fish they have plenty of
tasteless pills for you to try) I take my DHA in prenatal vitamins. It has so
many awesome benefits, Brain development for you and your fetus (if you’re
pregnant of course), Anti-inflammation to help with those achy days. The fatty
acids help with muscle activity and blood flow.
Marijuana- Now obviously this isn’t
legal in all states and I am certainly not telling anyone to commit a crime by
purchasing illegal substances, but if you can, It’s worth a try. I’m not a huge
fan of smoking the product. It makes my shakes worse and leaves me paranoid. I
prefer to ingest it in my food or make tea out of it. My MS tremors almost
completely stop and depending on the kind of marijuana I can either be
productive, or sleepy. If you want to use it to relax I recommend something
with a higher THC content and a low CBD. If you want it more for productivity I
recommend a high CBD content and a low THC. You always want to talk to a
dispensary worker to find the product that best fits your needs.
With any natural remedy you have trial and error. These are
just some of the products I found that worked awesome for me. Most of these are
not immediate and may take a few days or weeks to show any kind of results.
Please also check with your doctor before beginning any of these to make sure
it doesn’t interfere with other medications.

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